Sunday, May 27, 2012

Naughty Girl,lol

I made this amusing atc for the daily challenge in the Craftymess Group. The theme was drink....I just couldn't resist using this great little image of this vintage lady and her bottle of champagne,lol. I added lace and ribbon to the atc and cut the letters from an old book....hope it has made you smile.

( Hi arm ache,lol..x)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage Lady

Just popped in quickly to post this atc I made this earlier for the challenge over on Craftymess on Facebook. I'm sure this lovely looking lady is called Rose...what do you think. Either way it is a stunning image and was perfect for this particular atc.The theme was to use 2 shaped eyelets (mine are a bit too pink) a vintage image/theme and ribbon or fibres.
Thank you to all of you that drop by my blog and take time to leave me a comment..x

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautifully Vintage

Where has the time gone today? not that I've done much I hasten to add. My back has been playing me up,so I've been confined to the house for well over a week now.Still at least I can still craft,even though it's only for short periods of time....too much sitting around dosen't do me any good.
On to my atc....isn't this lady beautiful,she is one of my favourite images to use. I've used some vintage floral paper for the background and some vellum that is printed with some vintage ads. I added the image,then the lace,which I had inked up, to finish it off I glued a small spray of roses.
I entered this atc in to the daily challenge over at the Craftymess Group on facebook...I didn't win,but I did get a "VC" (very crafty) award,lol.....the challenge is just for fun,helps to keep folk crafting and fact I found the whole group very supportive when I lost my dad and my son....they are a great bunch of girls.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sepia Atc

I really should be in bed asleep, lol...but I am having a problem with my back at the moment,got comfortable on the sofa to watch something on tv and promptly fell asleep,woke up 2 hours later. So I not only missed my programme,I am now wide awake!
This is a quickie atc I made (before falling asleep) for the Craftymess Groups Daily Challenge.The theme was "Vintage,Clothing and must be in sepia colour" The images are all freebies,I just love the corset,hard to imagine something like that used to be worn many years ago,just look how it cinches the ladies waist in,how on earth did they manage to breathe?