Thursday, November 24, 2016

It's all about Sport

This weeks challenge is now underway over at Go Tag Thursday  and the theme is Sports
Here are mine....

Do pop over for a lookie..who knows, you may even want to join in with the challenge....
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tag # 23...Texture

The theme at Go Tag Thursday this week is all about Texture.
Your Tag can be any size or can use any medium so long as you keep within the theme...

                                     These are my Tags

I used torn paper and texture paste for the background on this tag.

    For this tag I used an embossing folder to create texture.

Would love you to visit the blog and maybe enter the challenge...would be so nice to see a few more entries over there....
You can find the blog here......Go Tag Thursday

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Autumn Princess.

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to enter a challenge that was being hosted by Fernli Designs ....the challenge was to Dress Up one of their 10 inch dress forms.
( each entrant was asked to pay a small refundable deposit ensuring that they honour the challenge after receiving their Fernli product. Such a good idea as sadly there are crafters who take the freebies and not enter the challenges )
After receiving my dress form I stood it on my work bench for a couple of one point I was worried that I still hadn't come up with a definite idea of how I was going to dress it up.

I decided to go for a long walk one day last week, mainly to clear away the cobwebs and clear my head. I was in awe of all the wonderful colours of the trees,shrubs and leaves...this is one of the most favourite times of the year for me and as I was scuffling through the leaves I knew exactly how I was going to dress up my dress form.....and so Autumn Princess was born.

I decided to keep the form in its natural state and made an under dress for it, stitching it in place, then I added some pale green lace in a "v" around the neck, front and back.
I tore up an old scarf that I no longer used ( the dark colours made my neck dirty, no matter how many times I washed the scarf, lol )  finishing the bodice off with some pretty black lace.

For the skirt I used strips of silky materials that I had bought over a year ago from a craft fair...each strip was knotted to another, I think they get knitted or plaited, sorry to say I don't know exactly, I do remember loving the colours and just had to buy the bundle.
The colours are so much like the leaves and shrubs I saw on my walk, even down to the purple colour...
The strips were cut to the lengths that I needed for the skirt and along with some black feathers and some strips from my scarf and I glued them to the waist of the form.

Then from my broken jewellery stash I found some bits that I added a few charms to and added to the skirt...finishing that by winding a silky green fabric strip around the waist.
I also made a necklace, and....well I just couldn't resist adding the Princess crown.

I also fashioned a little bag from material from one of my old handbags, which I cross stitched along the sides with waxed cord, padded it out slightly with a piece of sponge..the fastener is a sparkly black brad.

I covered the stand in some cheese cloth and then some hessian....I found this sweet robin in my stash and a bundle of short willow sticks..I adhered them to the base..added some reindeer moss and also some tiny little fir cones I found on my walk...
I am so pleased at how this project turned is exactly how I saw it in my head on my walk..but as all we crafters know, what we "see" in our heads dosen't always look like the finished product,lol...

             You can find Fernli Designs Here

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tag # 22 House / Home

This weeks challenge is now underway over at Go Tag Thursday...the theme is House or plenty of scope for a great Tag...
Here are my Tags.....the mini Tag book I made from a a set of house style stamps that I heat embossed and colour with the shimmering Luminarte paints (H20s) unfortunately the weather is so dull here and I am over shadowed by trees too...

                           You can find the challenge here at 
                                      Go Tag Thursday

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tag # 21 Birds/birdhouses

This week's challenge has just started over at
                                   Go Tag Thursday
The theme is Birds..why not pop over and have a look at this fun have the chance to have your Tag showcased if your Tag is selected as one of the top two....

Here are my Tags, the first two are for the challenge

 The last one is one is just an extra one that I am sharing here...a tag made from kraft card ( pre cut from a pack) I rubber stamped it and coloured the images and then highlighted the image with glossy accents...

You can find the tag challenge HERE

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cute Altered Ribbon Reel

November's challenge is now under way over at Rhedds Creative Spirit  and for my design team project I altered a fab wooden Ribbon Reel.
Unfortunately I don't come across these very often as it seems most suppliers take the ribbon or fabric off the reels...the one I have used for this project had printed fabric with christmas greetings on and was a lucky find,especially locally to me.

Initially I was going to paint the ribbon reel and then after getting all the elements together realised it would look far better in it's original state.

Starting with the spool, I covered that with some vintage backing paper and secured it with strong glue..then added some hessian and lace, securing again with strong glue..I didn't want it pinging out and then having to redo it again.
I then tied some string around the centre of the spool before adding the flowers and the leaves...the leaves were old buttons I found in a charity shop a few years ago..I knew at some stage they would come in useful....

Now to decorated the top...I was at one point unsure how I was going to decorate it as I had several ideas going through my mind..eventually I went for the bird in a nest, as the bird ( 2 in a pack ) I had just recently purchased and the colour of it was gorgeous.

I cut a circle from some hessian and then pulled a bit round the edges, glued that to the wooden top section..on top of the hessian I then layered up some lace, a greeny coloured cotton doilie and another scrap of hessian.

To create a loose nest I wound some string type cord around my fingers,secured the ends and then glued that to the layered pieces.

I found a little scrap of vintage lace that I tucked into the nest,then added the bird, which I glued in place.
I embellished the nest with some flowers and another leaf...

                 You can find November's challenge over at
                           Rhedds Creative Spirit

Charity shop find...

I  was out shopping and found I was to early for my bus home, so decided to have a mooch around in one of our local charity shops...I saw this heart on the shelf and paid £1 for it. It had a script on it, but already in my head I knew how I was going to alter it...I was excited at finding it and couldn't wait to go home and get started on it.
This was going to be my design team project for Novembers Challenge over at Altered Eclectics
I started by sanding the printed script off of the heart and gave it a good sanding down as it was actually quite rough in places.

I then gessoed the centre front of the heart where I would be placing my napkin image. I needed a light background and some of the wood was kind of orangey in places and I knew it would spoil the image.

I applied matte mod podge across the whole front of the heart and applied the top layer of my paper napkin, which I had already prepared by tearing around the edge of the image.
I very lightly smoothed out the image to make sure there were no creases or bubbles..then went over it with a brayer to ensure the image was secure against the slight grain in the can actually see the wood grain in showing through the image.
I then set it aside to dry overnight.

Once the image was dry I applied matte mod podge all over the front of the heart to seal it. Once dry I added the pretty lace trimmed hessian ribbon all around the edge of the heart.

To finished I added these gorgeous blue flowers and pearl string...I am delighted at the way this project turned out, it is a lovely ornament to have in my home...

                You can find November's Challenge over at
                             Altered Eclectics