Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a few Atcs

I've been meaning to post these few atcs for a couple of days now,but I have been busy trying to get more themes and events going in the craft group I am in. I enlisted the help of another member,Lisa and she has had some good ideas too and has helped setting up some events with me...she types faster than me too,with less spelling mistakes,so for that I am very grateful, so she added the new stuff in to the files.
These atcs are from the daily challenges in the Craftymess Group,I try to enter as and when I can, as being part of the DT I should set an example and been seen on a regular basis in the group.
So now it's time for bed, hope to pop in again soon to post some more of my crafty makes...


PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

Sandie it has been a pleasure helping you :D Really makes me feel useful and like I have something to do lol
I love ALL your ATCs you have such a special talent for them. I struggle to work with small areas which is why I like card, but hate scrapbooks because they are too big (I know, im a strange one).
I love the new look group and I am proud to be a member and a friend of yours.
Love Lisa xxx

Tony Dillon said...

Brilliant blog and fantastic ATC's... definitely following!

annemarks said...

Gorgeous acts, I must pull my finger out and join in the swap as I'd love to get one of these!