Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No Mouse Here....

Time flies when you are having fun....well fun I had altering this Mouse Trap as my project for the challenge over at Rhedd's Creative Spirit
I have seen some gorgeous altered mouse traps over on Pinterest, so decided to have a go myself.
This was  my 4th attempt...and my 4th mouse trap!

The tutorials on You Tube all show ( well the ones I watched did ) that you have to remove the wires on the trap...which I did easily to be fair...the drawback was putting it all back together again, ok some bits don't really have to go back, but tapping back the bits I needed caused the cheap wooden base to split, then I had one where I couldn't  re-attach the piece that holds the main spring in place because the end of the u-nail piece was blunt and didn't go back in the end (at this point I was slowly losing the will to live,lol ) on the last trap I left most pieces in place and worked around them...and this is the result

I painted the trap in dark brown acrylic painted,then decorated it using the designer papers from Graphic45.
Would love to see you enter my can find it here at
                              Rhedd's Creative Spirit


Sammy said...

Gorgeous project Sandie, but what a kerfuffle! You are obviously far more patient than I am, as I would have given up by #2, or at the very least chucked it at hubby (who is an engineer) and waited for the next year or two for him to get 'round to fixing it, lol.
Either way, your perseverance paid off. I love this! x

TangledBlueRose said...

So fun! Love the papers and wonderful images. Great collection, fabulous makeover!

Toni said...

Sandie this is awesome and I'm so inspired. I recently picked some mouse traps up at my $1 store because they looked like they might be fun to alter. I didn't even know there were photos on Pinterest with these so I'm going to have to check them out. But I'm loving how cute this is. In the months to come you may see an alter mouse trap from me!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Ouch!
You are brave, lol
I hope you removed any mice from the traps first, lol
I must admit it would not ever have occurred to me to alter a mouse trap, but your result is very good

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Always in awe of your work sweetie and this piece was well worth try try and more trying - fab xx