Friday, July 1, 2016

Mini Houses.

I did have fun creating my project for Julys challenge over at Rhedds Creative Spirit....these little houses and key clips are all made from Jenga blocks and children's building blocks.

First I selected all the shapes I needed, just a few of these are shown in the photo....then I glued the jenga blocks in twos and threes, as well as leaving some single. Any good glue will hold the blocks together..I used book glue.

After leaving the glue to completely dry overnight, I set too and sorted through some scraps of backing papers that I keep in a box, you know, the bits we keep because we know they will be useful at some point, lol...I have a large box of those bits!

I covered all sides of the blocks, as well as the triangle blocks that I set aside for the roofs, again using book glue.

Now for the fun part..I added the roof for each house, making sure they were securely glued in place,  then I created some windows from scraps....adding embellishments to the roof as I went along as well as distressing the edges of each house with ink. To finish I added a word to each of the houses.....
These are all now sitting on my kitchen window sill.....they make me smile.

For the key holders, I found some small screw in eyes and after making a small hole in the tops of the blocks, I screwed the eyes in using a small drop of E600 glue...then left them over night for the glue to dry.

The next thing I did was to stamp a word on each of the key holders and then I sprayed them twice each with spray and shine giving them a  nice sheen and varnish to protect them from wear and tear.

                        You can find the challenge here at
                         Rhedd's Creative Spirit


Sammy said...

I love these SO much! You've got me looking at work for Jenga sets now! lol. x

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

I would love to be inside your wonderfully unique creative brain - would never have guessed these gorgeous houses and key fobs started out as Jenga blocks - love them xx