Sunday, March 1, 2015

A little Gift

Here we are,the 1st of March and a new challenge over at Altered Eclectics starts today....
As always it's Altered Art/Mixed Media...NO cards etc.
This is my design team piece this month..... Jewelery made from Cd fragments.

                                          Items used

After selecting some fragments from the broken CD, I sanded both sides and then added two coats of black gesso.

                       The backs, coloured and heat embossed.

I then sprayed each piece with the inks, drying each colour in turn.
I pushed each piece on to the ink pad and then covered with embossing powder and then melted the powder with a heat tool.
I did this 4 times for each piece, only because I did'nt have the thicker embossing powder.

While the 4th layer of embossing was still hot,I pressed the rubber stamp in to each piece to create texture, allowing the embossing to cool before removing the stamp.

As each piece cooled down,I rubbed around the edges with my finger to make sure they were all smooth.

The finished being worn by my grandson's girlfriend....
Hope to see you in the challenge over at Altered Eclectics


Kris said...

These are really elegant. What a great idea!

Zoe Sanderson said...

This has blown me away it is fabulous, beautiful and wearable. In awe XOXO Zoe

Celia said...

These are really lovely well done

Julie Short said...

Love these Sandy!

Joi at RR said...

Beyond my imagination.... totally gorgeous. Anyone would be proud to wear this but what a great gift for your grandson's girlfriend - they are both proud of it and YOU!!! SUPER FINE! j

Anonymous said...

How lovely,
You must feel very proud of yourself, I hope, coz they are wonderful pieces of art
Lucky girlfriend

Carol said...

Love these fab pieces xx

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Stunning babes - You know I love this and you xx

steffi said...

I have to keep looking at these - can't believe how they started out!! They are just fab & I want some - now!!! Steffi :o) xx