Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Charity shop find...

I  was out shopping and found I was to early for my bus home, so decided to have a mooch around in one of our local charity shops...I saw this heart on the shelf and paid £1 for it. It had a script on it, but already in my head I knew how I was going to alter it...I was excited at finding it and couldn't wait to go home and get started on it.
This was going to be my design team project for Novembers Challenge over at Altered Eclectics
I started by sanding the printed script off of the heart and gave it a good sanding down as it was actually quite rough in places.

I then gessoed the centre front of the heart where I would be placing my napkin image. I needed a light background and some of the wood was kind of orangey in places and I knew it would spoil the image.

I applied matte mod podge across the whole front of the heart and applied the top layer of my paper napkin, which I had already prepared by tearing around the edge of the image.
I very lightly smoothed out the image to make sure there were no creases or bubbles..then went over it with a brayer to ensure the image was secure against the slight grain in the can actually see the wood grain in showing through the image.
I then set it aside to dry overnight.

Once the image was dry I applied matte mod podge all over the front of the heart to seal it. Once dry I added the pretty lace trimmed hessian ribbon all around the edge of the heart.

To finished I added these gorgeous blue flowers and pearl string...I am delighted at the way this project turned out, it is a lovely ornament to have in my home...

                You can find November's Challenge over at
                             Altered Eclectics


Sammy said...

This is so gorgeous! And why can't I ever find anything like this at work? Having said that... They probably come in and get thrown out by others because they just don't get it. Grrr... lol. x

Jane Royston said...

What a brilliant find Sandie! I love how you have altered the heart it looks beautiful, Jane :) x

Judy McKay said...

Sandy - I love how you altered your charity find. It is so pretty. Judy

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Another stunning project Sandra. Tis absolutely beautiful and such a nice change to see blue flowers setting off a shabby chic look xx