Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something Different

I was rummaging in one of my crafting cupboards and came across a packet of these fabulous Tando Arches. I had forgotten all about them to be honest. My daughter tells me I have too much crafting stuff and that's why I forget what I have got....I think she's right,but wouldn't admit it,we crafters can never have too much stuff can we.
On to my arch,all I did for this one is dab it with distress inks,left it to dry,then I added the image to the centre section.The stamp is new,it's by Prima called Fairy Bell and it cost an amazing £1:90. I used the outer edges of the stamp so I could get both the images in, then lightly shaded a couple of areas with my whisper pens to lift the image a bit.

(Hi Jenny...hope you are well...xx)


annemarks said...

You can't have too much stuff can you? Love what you've done with the arch :)

PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

This is beautiful. I love the new stamp and I love that you only used part of it. I absolutely adore your work and you have such a huge talent.
Love Lisa xxxx

Linda said...

Hello Sandie, this is gorgeous! I love the beautiful colours.

Linda xxx

Sylvia Anderson said...

Hi Sandie, your work is stunning x

Celia Harrington said...

Hello Sandie love the arch and the stamp is gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxx

Vee Cassidy said...

beautiful work, Sandie. I have tried to follow but blogger has been a pain so if I don't show up on your members let me know. Vee xx
i will try again before I leave just to see xx

Angel-23 said...

Hi Sandie, long time visiting this is absolutely gorgeous, I've had fairy bell paper they are beautiful that stamp can't believe it only cost £1.90 love it. Hope you are well hugs Rach :) xxx

Beccalite said...

Beautiful. I have to laugh at your comment us crafters do forget what we have but ain't it great discovering it again lol and no we can never have too much. Love this Prima stamps how did and where did you find this stamp for £1.90 I have been after it for a while now? Great Big Huge Hugs Becca xxx

PS when I came over to visit I had to join again :-( not sure what blogger is up to left you some love now though :-) xxx