Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Huckleberry Finn Coasters

I was given some old coasters last year, about 12 square ones and 6 round ones. I put them away and totally forgot about them until yesterday, when I found them while looking for something else.
I took 4 of the round ones and decided to recycle them in to new coasters for my craft room.

I lightly sanded them down, glued on some strips of book paper then painted them with gesso. When they were dry, I splodged on some red and blue acrylic paint and kind of smudged it about with a baby wipe. Once that was completely dry, I gave them another light coat of gesso.
At this point the picture in my mind's eye of how these coasters would look completely changed...we've all had that, haven't we?
It was while I was waiting for the paint to dry,that I was looking through all my Artistic Outpost Stamps...keeping the Huckleberry Finn set to one side, with the idea that I would stamp my coasters with them.
This is where I hit a snag, the strips of book paper had caused slight ridges on the surface of the coasters, so I wasn't sure I would be able to stamp a clear enough image...but quickly decided to go for it anyway and take a chance.
All the images stamped pretty well, some parts I coloured with water colour pencils, then I sprayed all 4 coasters with seal and shine, I didn't want to disturb the pencil colours with the moisture from mod podge.

(click image to enlarge it)

Once the spray and shine was completely dry I realised that I would need a thicker coating on the surface, so I decided I would heat emboss with clear embossing powder.

(click image to enlarge it)

As I was heat embossing the coasters, I could still see the ridges from the paper, but I thought it added interest to the coaster, overall I love the look of  them as they now look like round shiny tiles!

(click image to enlarge it)

I heat embossed each coaster twice,then set aside some embossing powder and added a light sprinkle of very fine glitter....then using that I heat embossed them for the third time.
This set of coasters I am using to enter the challenge over at 


Anonymous said...

Loving these coasters....wrinkles and all, lol.....can't see any really...
Great images, great coasters
Thanks for sharing

Marie-CĂ©line Young said...

They look great!

Juliz Design Post said...

These look gorgeous Sandie and amazing detail into such small spaces. Hope your feeling a bit better.
Julie xx

Carol said...

Stunning - such a great transformation - love them x